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‘A Jedi shall not know hatred, nor fear… nor love.’ from Star Wars Episode II




James Bond


Commander James Bond, CMG, RNVR, was born in 1924 in either Wattenscheid, Germany or Vienna, Austria to Andrew Bond and Monique Delacroix. When James was eight both his parents were killed in an accident and he was placed under the care of an aunt.


He studied at Eton College, Fettes College, University of Geneva and the University of Cambridge. He is fluent in many languages including Russian and Japanese.


He works as a spy for Military Intelligence 6 (MI6), and obtained a ‘license to kill’ after a double assassination in the story ‘Casino Royale’ in 1950. The ’double-o’ prefix is a symbol of this license. His official cover is Commander of the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.


At his disposal is an array of gadgets, weapons and physical and social prowess, which he uses unashamedly. Assassination and seduction have come to him naturally, and after betrayal and personal loss his emotional aloofness was further cemented. He is notorious for his affairs with unattainable women, some of them themselves of a wicked nature. His family motto is Orbis non sufficit which translates to ‘The world is not enough’.


Bond six feet tall and has a scarred face, and he is a skilled and versatile combatant. He prefers to work alone and is recalcitrant by nature, often falling out with his own side.


His weapon of choice is a Walther PPK handgun, and in Ian Fleming’s books prefers to drive Bentley. In the movies however, he is mostly associated with Aston-Martin. Bond is a heavy smoker and social drinker, partial to ‘Morland Specials’ and Vodka Martinis.


Ian Fleming’s Works


- Casino Royale

- Live and Let Die

- Moonraker

- Diamonds are Forever

- From Russia, With Love

- Dr. No

- Goldfinger

- For Your Eyes Only (Short story)

- From a View to a Kill (Short story)

- Quantum of Solace (Short story)

- Risico (Short story)

- The Hildebrand Rarity (Short story)

- Thunderball

- The Spy Who Loved Me

- On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

- The Man with the Golden Gun

- Octopussy (Short story)

- The Living Daylights (Short story)

- The Property of a Lady (Short story)

- 007 in New York (Short story)


Random Facts


Historian Andrew Cook has found evidence that ‘Goldfinger’ may have been based on a real-life plot against the Bank of England. Ian Fleming is known to have been influenced by his work with UK Naval Intelligence. Auric Goldfinger’s plot to blow up Fort Knox could have been picked up from a real threat to the Bank of England on the eve of WW1.


Ian Fleming’s administrative foresight during his career in Naval Intelligence paved the way for the long-term survival of the MI-6. Fleming’s suggestion that new blood be inducted into the organisation prevented the creation of a rival UK spy agency that was clearly positioned to replace MI-6.




Bond: They wanted Le Chiffre, they got Le Chiffre.

M: They got his body!

Bond: If they wanted his soul they should have sent a priest.

- From Quantum of Solace (film)


Bond: You’re not my type.

Vesper: You mean smart.

Bond: Single.

- From Casino Royale (film)


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