Rounded Rectangle: FACT BEHIND FICTION
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What has eighteen legs and isn't going anywhere.

Robin Hood 2010


So now, he is a legend when he would have preferred to be a man.

Johnny Gone Down


He did not look back at her because there was no need. He knew that he had left all his life’s passion, and everything that he had adored, at her feet. He was sure he would never know passion again, the spirit-joining of ecstasy that ignited man and woman. But this did not displease him. On the contrary, he thought with a newfound alacrity. Now nothing binds me. Now I can be patient too. I’m twenty-one, and I’ve a world to conquer.



‘The custom of the Northmen reveres the life of war. Verily, these huge men fight continually; they are never at peace, neither among themselves nor among different tribes of their kind. They sing songs of warfare and bravery, and believe that the death of a warrior is the highest honour’

Eaters of the Dead


Ryder shrugged. ‘Most of the ladies I have spoken to assure me that they find him dashing and gallant. They are particularly enamoured of his moustache, which is formidable. Perhaps Captain Ballantyne might agree raher too readily with the general opinion of himself.’

The Triumph of the Sun


Fire, you scoundrels!

Mr. Allan Quatermain