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‘A Jedi shall not know hatred, nor fear… nor love.’ from Star Wars Episode II






Bruce Wayne dons the enviable mantle of a hedonistic playboy by day while his bat-suit hangs upside down in the cave. He makes it a point to be photographed in all the right nightspots and parties with the hottest models, but for all his choices he married only sometime adversaries.


In "The Autobiography of Bruce Wayne" a middle-aged Bruce Wayne reflects on his friends and acolytes with whom he fought side-by-side. The chapter that I refer to begins like this: "Now I turn to someone who quite literally changed my life. She was first an adversary, then an ally... and became my wife".


The story starts off with an old girlfriend of Bruce getting married and a poignant scene that implies a fundamental incompatibility between a superhero and a civilian. Bruce considers if his farcial public face has been worth the cost of a normal relationship with any of his women; and the social costs of his career. He comes to realise that only a few of his colleagues know the real 'Bruce' and as he sees them settle down he wonders what his life will hold for him once he remains the odd-one-out.


In due course of the wedding the Scarecrow makes an appearance and targets Batman. His purpose is to psychologically tear down the Batman's mind and leave him a bumbling, drooling idiot. He makes short work of ruining the occassion by releasing one of his phobia-inducing toxins. Batman, Robin and Batwoman promptly arrive at the scene but Batman falls prey to the toxin and his fear of loneliness coupled with images of his friends melting away drives him away from the scene.


"So, Batman, The Scarecrow exclaims " Your demon, your room 101 is autophobia, is it? Interesting. The more you search for your friends, the more hopeless it will seem... and the deeper into delusion you will sink... so deep you shall never escape."


Like a lost and helpless child he grabs at whatever contact he may find but Alfred, the Commissioner and Clark Kent are out of reach. Finally he turns to Selina Kyle, formerly the Catwoman, now serving a limited sentence after losing her memory. Bruce & Selina get down to some old-fashioned detective work and their conversation leads to a better understanding of the other. Interacting with a fresh & rational mind (compared to other nemeses) after a while Batman feels hopeful.


"After psychotics like the Joker and the Scarecrow, you have no idea how refreshing it was to deal with someone who was just in it for the money." he recollects of chasing her. However their first clues only lead them into a trap and Batman is left burned. In a plot typical of a film rather than a comic book, Selina attends to Batman's wound while they talk more, this time about Batman's prime motive. However the usually reticent Bruce takes over and Selina's efforts at talking him out of the Scarecrow's toxins fail miserably.”


While Bruce rebuilds his defences Selina falls prey to them, and she lets slip that her amnesia was a ruse for a lighter sentence. Then she reveals the failure of her first marriage, her abusive husband and his hold over her and how she finally broke it. And the social toll her Catwoman persona took on her that lead her to claim amnesia and grab at another chance at life. Bruce & Selina share a few intimate moments before...


I never wanted to hold on to someone as much in my life... but... "Selina, this isn't right. Not while Robin and the others are still missing. We have to find them..."


Despite her best efforts Selina fails to convince Bruce of the toxin's effects. It is only when Bruce sees her begin to melt away does Selina take off the Catwoman's mask and break the Scarecrow's spell for good.


"Selina! Oh God, I almost lost you... But Crane... He's still out there... I should catch him."


"Don't you always? It can wait."


"Yes... I suppose it can."


Dawn breaks as a mask-less Batman and Catwoman are all over each other; and the next scene fast-forwards to their wedding day. The story ends with Bruce writing his life-story at the type-writer while smoking his pipe and remembering her and how happy she made him, and how she was killed.


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