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Ben Mezrich, author of UGLY AMERICANS


ĎThe men on the trading floor may not have been to school but they have PHDs in Manís Ignorance. In any market, as in any poker game, there is a fool. The astute investor Warren Buffet is fond of saying that any player unaware of the fool in the market probably is the fool in the market.í - Liarís Poker (Michael Lewis)


John Malcolm bet on football. He played it well, won an Ivy-League scholarship on it and made a name for himself while it lasted. Unfortunately he didnít cut it with the pros. But Malcolm did cut it with the expat traders in Japan and Hong-Kong - on the trading floor and on the field. What the man didnít know was business in Japan went beyond the already un-Godly hours a trader put in.


The bookís tagline reads ĎThe true story of the Ivy League cowboys who raided the Asian markets for millions.í but that is a little misleading. While the story of American and British traders playing Asian financial markets runs through the book, the story is about young Malcolm making his bets on money and a woman pay out.


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