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‘A Jedi shall not know hatred, nor fear… nor love.’ from Star Wars Episode II




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‘George, how we doing? If you don’t have a pair of the biggest ones in town, come right to the man’s house there, I don’t know who does. You getting reckless or you just had enough of this sneaking around shit?’


If there was a more appropriate time to have an affair with the wife of a mobbed-up ex-death squad general from a banana republic than right after you turned down his business offer, George Moran would have tried his luck then. But no one asked George, certainly not Mrs De Boya - who seduced the man on a chance meeting. Throw in a side con played by Mr. De Boya’s security chief, tough times for Moran’s business and a killer pre-nup, and George has got his hands full but his game in control. Almost.


Post-Script: Moran and General De Boya’s Art of War


Trujillo had got old and failed to listen, failed to keep his enemies frightened of him. Which was easy enough to do.


Choose one from a group of suspected enemies and shoot him. Or drown him, it didn’t matter. The others would look at the ground or close their eyes, not wanting to meet the eyes that would choose the next one.


But he had looked at Moran and Moran had not looked at the ground or at the man drowned in the pool.



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