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‘A Jedi shall not know hatred, nor fear… nor love.’ from Star Wars Episode II




FACEMAN (Templeton Peck)


The definition of Faceman according to noun - the front man or con man of a group operation; usually the smoothest talker and the best looking ; derived from the 80's TV show the A-Team.


'You know that guy who can pick up any girl at the bar? That's me' That's how Nick Naylor from the film Thank You For Smoking introduces himself and you can take that as the correct description for Lieutenant Faceman of the American Special Forces too. Don't think there is much more depth to his character because there is precious little else; at-least no more than your usual protagonist. Nevertheless it is the kind of man every guy has wanted to be at one stage of life -  the guy with the gift of gab and ability to think on his feet all the time irrespective of dealing with the most intimidating beauties or the most vicious of villains. The guy with dead-nerves that are usually reserved for snipers and hostage negotiators.


Maybe if you sit him on a psychiatrist's couch you'll simply end up hearing that this attitude has to do with Faceman being an orphan who raised by a nun. Soon enough another secret would follow - that one of his most serious romances as a younger man ended because the lady in question became a nun. Sound rationale for evolving into one of the most famous and admired rakes on TV.


Faceman's contribution is officially centered around the planning stages of the operation. He is tasked with procuring the supplies, equipment and information crucial to the particular task at hand. He does this in text-book rogue style using high-risk tactics like hustles, seductions, con-deals or downright theft; all of which he has down to an art because of his extensive practice. For example - Faceman obtained a pink Cadillac ‘53 in the war-torn, flee-infested jungles of Vietnam.

This high-risk behaviour of Faceman is also an asset to the team when they face a worst-case scenario crisis situation (i.e. every mission) and can rely on the resident pretty boy to deliver them from annihilation by fashioning life saving gadgets from every day house-hold gadgets


No A-Team member can be called a skilled fighter when they operate in the same vicinity as BA, but take Faceman's war-time experiences into consideration when calculating his fighting skills and do the math yourself.


Faceman’s bachelor pads are always located in the most posh locations. Probably the longest running relation in Faceman’s career is with his white Corvette; this is threatened only by the A-Team van that has gained cult status with replicas lapped up by fans.


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