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‘A Jedi shall not know hatred, nor fear… nor love.’ from Star Wars Episode II






FIP had a poker player's mind. And to take him down I had to fight him at the table


To those who need an introduction to the Indian Premier League: it is  a club based tournament not unlike the English Premier League  (club-based) or the NFL (Glamour, ad-revenue, cheer-leaders) and much more with a potential viewership of a billion plus. It is held under the auspices of the BCCI (the Indian cricket board) and under the stewardship (atleast for the first three seasons by the controversial king Midas of commissioner Lalit Modi). Everything possible is licensed to print cricket-dollars from merchandise and broadcasting to the after hours party of the players. Big and flamboyant names from the Indian film industry have been roped in as team owners to add glamour and business leaders from the oligopolist to the hedonist have bought teams to bite into the action.


The first season 2009 differentiated the players from the cricketers. The teams with the most powerful and glamourous owners crumbled, and a less-market savvy but technically sound and adaptable team lifted the trophy.


The second season had a new venue - South Africa, because of security concerns in India. And this is where the Fake IPL Player controversy emerged.




The GameChangers is a fictionalised version of the events of the 2nd IPL that was held in South Africa.


Picking up the people's sentiment on the arm-chair expert selectors, the  FIP breaks down their façade of expertise by confessing his own gimmick to get selected.


No sooner is he a part of the league as a member of the Calcutta Cavalry team than the ludicrous theories, reasoning and attempts at succeeding are exposed, ridiculing the holy trinity of boss, coach and captain. Thrown into this mix of ineptitude is Raj Singhania - a wealthy and hedonistic billionaire who is out of his depth managing a cricket team - the Bangalore Bangers. The Bangers make it as far as they do only on the back of their old-guard captain Rocky - one of the book's protagonists.


Thrown in for good measure are board-room manipulations, business conflicts, corruption, love interests, seductions, after-hours activities and bad behaviour.


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