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Business adventure.


Ben Mezrich’s fictional version of the exploits of a blue-eyed but able business novice is a non-stop read. With the explosion of financial markets and crude prices taking up most newsreels this book is relevant and contemporary fiction.


David Russo is struggling in the post 9/11 job market but a chance meeting with his role-model lands him in a rewarding job in the New York Mercantile Exchange or the ‘merc’. The only hurdle he has to overcome to access the reward is getting around the fact that his hard-earned Harvard business degree means less than nothing in an environment dominated by self-made and sometimes poorly educated men.


Russo journey from nobody to a man of standing at the merc is the first half of the story; and this is where the fun is. From here on the action starts.


The blinding ambition of a modern Arabian ‘nomad’ scion puts Russo’s career on the steroids. Khaled, backed up by billions, proposes an audacious partnership to Russo; but Russo is neither a fool, nor very well travelled. His typical American stereotypes write off the other young man’s proposal; that is until he sees the real Dubai that was created not by necessity but by ambition and instinct. Once the idea is sold to Russo a formidable partnership is formed and the adventure begins.


From escaping blackmail to avoiding communists; from taking on traders on the floor to taking on traders in the bar: from throwing up in the boardroom to eye-balling a bat wielding Italian millionaire: from meeting hard-line clerics to morally-flexible but price-conscious religious brokers; from being seduced by exotic business women to handling fiery Italian mothers and Latino girlfriends, the Russo’s tale is pure adventure in today’s money-centric world.


(Watch out for similarities with John Grisham’s The Firm)


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