Wool - Hugh Howey

The Earth's atmosphere has turned toxic, mankind has gone beneath the surface to survive into a subterranean self contained city. Generations have spent life in these silos, there are no historical records of life on the surface and only legends remain of what happened before life went underground. There is civilization with society, culture and a possibly totalitarian government. There are over a hundred and forty levels in the structure; and an established practice where the condemned are killed off by sending them to the surface to clean the surface cameras. Talk of the surface is dangerous, it gives hope and becomes infectious. The rules ensure that the surface remains a taboo subject and expressing the desire to leave can get you actually sent up and killed, or is it exile? Sheriff Holston's wife Allison uncovers information that makes her believe the atmosphere isn't toxic, and idea keeps growing in her mind till it takes over and she demands to leave. Once she's sent out like the condemned Holston wonders if she is alive, and a part of him wants to believe if there is life thriving outside. Holston begins to question if the city is a shelter or prison, and this is where the story begins and explores life in a post apocalyptic, self contained society.

Where does the story get its name from? 'Wool' pulled over society's eyes? Or the cloth of wool the condemned are given to clean the surface cameras with?

wool, hugh howey, science fiction, dystopia, post apocalyptic, speculative fiction, book, to read

Post apocalyptic.

World building.


Light read.